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segunda-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2013


Hi guys!

It has been such a long time since I last wrote in this blog. Many things happened since then. And since we are starting a New Year, I thought I could start writing in my blog again. I am not sure if I will write always, but I will try to come here and let you all know how things are going.

I have so many news to share with you all. I miss sharing everything that happens and I specially miss all the work I put into this BLOG. I thought about creating a new one, but I love it in here. So I decided just to keep my old blog and update it.

So... Let's talk about the news. As you all can see on the picture, I got married. And I could not be happier. He is the man of my dreams and he does everything in his power to make me happy. He makes me smile just by looking at me. He is a dream come true and I will be forever thankful for having him in my life.

Things went pretty quickly between Aaron and I. We met in July, 2010. A couple months later we were already dating. Then in November, 2010 he proposed and on April, 18 2011 we were getting married. I knew he was the man I wanted to spend my life with so there was no reason to keep waiting :)

Unfortunally in August I left my host family's house. And I say unfortunally because the way I left was not the way I wanted it to happen. I loved them and I still do but we all make mistakes and I should have handled the situation on a different way. Anyways, it means that up to now I can't see the kids anymore and it breaks my heart because I still dream of them every single night. They were and still are such a big part of my life. I can't help not thinking of them and dreaming of the day that I will finally be able to see them again. They mean the world to me and they will always be in my heart.

After some months of marriage, I started missing my family in Brazil and we decided to try a new life in Brazil. So in December, 2011 Aaron and I came to Brazil for vacation and I stayed in here while he went back to the USA to prepare our things to move to Brazil. While I was here looking for a job, he was there selling our stuff and taking care of the moving. I started working for Save the Children Brazil and later I got a job at Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil). Once we had it all worked out, he left his job in the USA and moved to Brazil. It took us almost one year apart til we get things going and he was able to move to Brazil. He got here on December, 2012 and I already had an apartment set up for us.

We started our new life and things were going ok, but the federal police in Brazil would never get his documentation done. We had to go there around 6 times to take all the papers that they asked us and everytime they would come up with a new thing. They said the process would take 3 months and after 6 months the website would just indicate that the process didn't even start (they still didn't start the process up to today, which is a shame).

So in August, 2013 we were sick and tired of waiting for Aaron authorization to work and to live in Brazil and we met people that were waiting for it since like 2 years. We came to a point where we had to decide what would be better for us as a family, and even though I have a great job in Brazil, we couldnt afford not having Aaron working. He would go nuts, plus our money is worth way more in the USA than it is in Brazil. Based on that, we decided to move one last time.

In order to move back to the USA we had to have a plan. I didn't get my green card before moving to Brazil so I would need to do that before going to to America. Plus, we would need to take care of our job situation. So I stayed in Brazil and Aaron went back to the USA to get his job back and to start the paperwork for my greencard, so I could go back.

He is there now, working while I am here also working. Which is allowing us to save money to buy our house once I get in the USA. He already started my paperwork and we are just waiting for the immigration to give the OK for me to go back to America.

This Christmas was tough. Not having him by my side was really sad but next year we will be starting a new life and creating our own holiday traditions. But at the end, the important thing is that we are happy with our decisions. And to be honest we would do everything over again. The experience of living in Brazil was really special for both of us. We got to travel together, to see different places, we got to live in a different country and we had fully support from our families. We learned way more these last 2 years than we learned in our entire lives. And as Aaron always says, if we hadn't move to Brazil, we would spend our whole lives wondering how would it have been if we had tried.

We are young, we still don't have kids and we did things the right way. We tried to live our lives the way we thought that would make us happy and by trying it we were able to find what was best for us. And it is a GIANT blessing! We appreciate everything that we lived in Brazil and we would do the same choices over and over again. We learned a whole lot with the experience of moving here and it is just priceless.

So we are thinking that my documents might be ready around March or April and I will be finally able to go back to America and start our new lives in there. Til them I will be missing my husband but knowing that he is working as hard as he can to give us a good life. And so am I!

At the end, I am trully happy for having the life and the opportunities I have. And I am prepared to welcome 2014 with just positive things in mind!

By the way, sorry if my English is all messed up. I could use google to correct things but I am too tired for that right now haha.

If I don't come back til the end of the year, I just wanted to wish all of you A HAPPY NEW YEAR! And may 2014 bring you all many blessings and happiness!!

5 comentários:

Gisella Nascimento disse...

Thais, your story is beautiful! I can't believe BR disappointed you guys but how am I not surprised? So sorry about you not being able to keep in touch with your ex-host kids. I wish you get everything you need as fast as you can so you and your husband can be together again! Happy 2014 :)

Thaís Sides disse...

Oi Gisella, obrigada pelo comentário! Bom saber que mesmo depois de tanto tempo, alguém ainda lê o blog, rs! Feliz 2014 para você também e tudo de bom!!

Rosângela disse...

Zizy... que triste.. Não sabia da sua host family... que chato, imagino o tanto que te deixa triste.... Mas por outro lado é bom ver tudo se encaminhando para você e para o Aaron.. se precisar de alguma coisa me avisa que se puder eu ajudo...bjo

darci disse...

Hi Zizy! I loved your post and am so glad you and Aaron are so happy. I still dream about the kids too! I work with two great kids here in NY that I love to death but I still miss the others. I'm sure it's even harder for you. Good luck with your immigration stuff! My husband is far away right now too (in Afghanistan) and I know it can be rough. I hope you get to come back to the US soon!

Thaís Sides disse...


It's nice hearing from you. I am glad you finally found someone special too =) You deserve it! Is he in Afghanistan? Wow! I know how though it is to be away from the one we love but also know that it makes our relationshio way stronger! I will let you know once I get back to US and maybe we can get together!